06 - Family Meeting Presentations


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Presentations from the 2015 Simons VIP Connect Family Meeting are now available on the website! Please visit the Members section of the website (www.simonsvipconnect.org, click on the 'Members' tab, then select 'Family Meet 2015') for more information.

Here you will find a PDF copy of the slide sets and links to recordings of the presentations. We are still waiting on some webinars to be recorded and posted, so please check back to the website often! For your convenience, here are links to the slides and records available now. Slides or Audio recordings (webinars) that are not available now may be added at a later date.

  • Putting Genetic Diagnoses into Perspective in the School Setting

    Brenda Finucane | Slides - Audio

  • Dealing with Challenging Behaviors
    Barbara Haas Givler | Slides - Audio

  • Taking Care of Your Family, Taking Care of Yourselves
    Ann Palmer | Slides - Audio

  • Ongoing Research

    John Spiro | Slides – Audio

  • 1q21.1: What We’ve Learned about Medical Conditions
    Wendy Chung | Slides – Audio

  • 1q21.1: Behavioral Findings

    Raphe Bernier | Slides - Audio

  • 1q21.1: Neurological Findings and Brain Imaging Studies
    Elliott Sherr | Slides – Audio

  • 16p11.2: What We’ve Learned about Medical Conditions

    Wendy Chung | Slides – Audio

  • 16p11.2: Behavioral Findings
    Ellen Hanson | Slides – Audio

  • 16p11.2: Neurological Findings

    Elliott Sherr | Slides – Audio

  • 16p11.2: Brain Imaging Studies

    Tim Roberts | Slides - Audio

All the best,
The Simons VIP Study Team



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