Online Consent Process


In order to participate in research, it is necessary to complete the consent process which clearly explains your participation in the study. Consents describe how you, your family, your family's information, and the research team will be involved throughout the course of the study. The Simons VIP consent process can be completed entirely online (while paper copies can be mailed to those without internet access). Our process includes one MAIN CONSENT (and ASSENT for children) that covers information about your participation throughout the study.

*Consent (Click to view a blank consent form).
The consent process describes the purpose of the research study and what you will be asked to do, so that you can make an informed decision about whether you want to participate.
* The account holder (parent/guardian) will complete the consent for him/herself and for any children under the age of 18.

**Assent (Click to view a blank assent form).
 Assent is a way to show that capable children acknowledge and understand their participation in research. Parents should read through the assent form with their child(ren). The parent/legal guardian can choose whether the child(ren) are capable of completing assent. The child(ren) and the parent/legal guardian will type their names and dates of birth on the research assent form, indicating that they agree to participate in the research study.
 * Children ages 10-16 will review an age-appropriate assent form with their parent/legal guardian.
* In place of assent, children age 17 will review the study consent form with their parent/legal guardian.


As you make your way through different surveys, short "mini consents" will introduce each survey explaining your involvement for each survey.

Mini-Consents (click to view a list of currently available online research surveys)
Mini-consents include a short description of the online research survey you will be completing and will briefly explain what you will be asked to do as part of your participation. You will review a mini-consent before each online research survey you complete.

 Have questions about registering or the study?
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