GenomeConnect is “Partnering with YOU to advance genomic health”!

GenomeConnect is a resource for individuals looking to anonymously share their genetic information
and help advance knowledge about genomic variants. 

How can GenomeConnect help me?

Adults and children who have had genetic testing can help improve the quality of genetic testing and a doctor’s ability to interpret the test results results by registering at GenomeConnect. GenomeConnect is an online community designed to increase our understanding of genetic variants and allow patients to connect with other individuals with the same genetic changes. This resource can also help individuals with both rare and common genomic variants find potential research opportunities. Participants will receive updates in their individual accounts when there is a potential to make connections with other GenomeConnect participants with the same condition, gene, or genetic variant and/or research studies.

How can I Participate?

International participants are welcome. Participation is open to patients who have had genetic testing and their family members and is accomplished entirely online using a computer, smartphone or tablet. Participants sign up through a secure portal, complete a general health survey and upload a copy of their genetic test report. Genetic variants on the report are de-identified by GenomeConnect staff before the information is transferred to ClinGen-approved variant databases.

GenomeConnect is an NIH-funded online patient portal supported by the Clinical Genome Resource (ClinGen) project.


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